ERL, the European Reference Laboratory for Glycohemoglobin, aims to improve the quality of Glycohemoglobin (HbA1c) assays. ERL's educational programme has been designed to enable laboratories to compare their performance with targets set with the IFCC and NGSP Reference Systems.

Design of the Programme

At the beginning of a year participating laboratories receive a set of 24 lyophilized samples along with a list of deadlines. Every two weeks one of the 24 samples has to be assayed and results submitted via ERL's website. Once the deadline has been passed reports can be requested. The standard report shows the lab's results in comparison to IFCC and NGSP (DCCT) targets as well as to the mean of the method used and the mean of all labs. Options for trend analysis over a one-year period, for HbA1c level related deviations and subgroup-reviews are incorporated.

Federative Programme

Participation is also possible with a group of laboratories. The EQAS organizers of Belgium, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands have adopted the concept and participate as groups.


For questions and more information please contact Carla Siebelder, Coordinator of ERL activities (


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